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Little oddities are opportunities 

 for Re@L cReat!vity!

This bathroom was narrow. Typically this throws the brain into the galley rut. For us, this sparked creativity. We removed a small closet to create a unique design and outfitted it with décor to perfectly suit this great lake house.

A few Treasures from Off the BEATON Path


Nature (and Andi!) !nsP:red this unique media wall

When decorating this area, our answer to limited space in this house's living room was a media wall rather than a tv cabinet. So how can this be done tastefully since this is a main room seen regardless whether the tv is on or off and shouldn't look like a home theatre? We think just like this!

A living room inspired by natural elements including touches of lake life are inviting for a comfortable spot for conversations or crashing after a hard day of work or play. In order to not create too dark of an atmosphere against the wood and steel in this room, the ceiling and banisters are custom finished to create a hint of texture that draws together various tones of room.

This home came with a bar in the living room! These homeowners brought a carousel horse from a previous residence. She makes her own statement in this room highlighted by some fun, natural botanicals around her neck.

I had thought about how to rearrange and update my master bedroom and bath suite for almost a year. Just not knowing what to do, I asked Andrea. Within less than 5 minutes, she had suggested a new arrangement that totally updated the rooms. It is amazing what she can see that others cannot.

A. Ford, Birmingham

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