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Why Off the BEA​TON Path?

Off the BEATON Path has a deep meaning to me.. For one, Beaton is my maiden name. Two, this venture is definitely a leap of faith and far from my "always have a plan" and "minimize the risks" personality. Three, I have a true passion for decorating with unique pieces we find and when they can't be found, I love creating them. Lastly, we are not located in a big city. We are located in Dadeville, AL. 

  .  .  .  .  .  

Case in point, we are truly Off the BEATON Path  :)

 . . . . .

My career has been based in executive management. I tend to very much be a "set all expectations" and "follow the rules" girl. When it comes to decorating however, this isn't really the case. While creativity has been a hallmark trait in both my career and passion for decorating, all else changes. Decorating a home is more personal when it doesn't rely on a benchmark. You should be in love with your home!. Do you really want a home that looks just like your neighbors except maybe a slightly different color palette? I want that place that I LOVE coming into. A place that reflects my style and creativity. A place that others come into and are immediately captured by great style.

Having performed risk management as one of my main career responsibilities, starting a home décor shop and staging service is a far cry from my norm. It is, however, my real passion. I love it when people get so excited when a space is too awesome for words. After helping many friends, and friends of friends, with their homes... And after my own homes have sold very quickly with several getting asking price or above, sometimes even selling with most of the furnishings, I decided why not!

My style is not standard. My passion is not standard. My home is not standard.

How about yours?

Come find your awesome Off the BEATON Path

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