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Unique Home Finds Shop and Staging Service


A "must-see" Home Décor Shop

If you love having a home that reflects an amazing flair of something beyond ordinary, you'll find the perfect items Off the BEATON Path

This new home décor and furnishings shop is conveniently located on Hwy 280 and holds a pleasing mix of vintage, unique and new home finds to help you create your perfect living space. You'll want to come in often as many of our items may not ever be here again! Come see us and create your own awesome. Off the BEATON Path is truly a Home Stylists' paradise.

Know what you like but have trouble getting the look you love?

If you like what you have but feel like it needs a bit more flair, we would love to help.  Simply doing some rearranging, changing little details or adding a new focus piece can make you immediately fall in love with your home again.

Bring a picture with you! We are happy to make suggestions in the shop. And if desired, we are also available for home consultations.  

Why Off the BEATON Path?

Off the BEATON Path has a deep meaning to me.. For one, Beaton is my maiden name. Two, this venture is definitely a leap of faith and far from my "always have a plan" and "minimize the risks" personality. Three, I have a true passion for decorating. with unique pieces we find and when they can't be found,   I love creating them. Lastly, we are not located in a big city. We are located in Dadeville, AL.

Case in point, we are truly Off the BEATON Path.

My style is not standard. My passion is not standard. My home is not standard.

How about yours?

Come find your awesome Off the BEATON Path

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